Xenia in Baku

August 4, 2000

   Well we made it to Baku. Everything went as smoothly as can be expected. In order to accommodate all the luggage we were taking, we rode in a white stretch limousine up to JFK Airport. Xenia thought it was great to ride in such a big car with a telephone, TV and bar in it. Only took two hours to get up there.

   The trip over to London was pretty uneventful, except that Xenia did not want to put her seat belt on for the landing. We had to force the issue with some loud complaints from her. The first day in London we went on a tour of the city and saw most of the tourist type attractions. Probably the only thing that Xenia will remember is chasing pigeons in Hyde Park and seeing and touching Her Majesty's horses outside of St. James Park. The second day it rained most of the time so our exploration was reduced to hanging out in the various department stores. It is pretty apparent that Xenia is not used to all the noise and people in a city, she was very timid out on the street and wanted to be held instead of walk on her own. So there I was holding Xenia, walking down Oxford Street as she is singing the Paschal Troparion!

   The trip to Baku was also pretty uneventful - but very tiring. Xenia had fun in the British Air Club Lounge playing with two little girls. In fact the two little girls liked Xenia so much they asked whether they could take her with them to South Africa! We left London at 9:35 PM and arrived in Baku at 6:50 am.

   Xenia slept for a couple hours on the plane - her parents did not. We got to our apartment and started the big long procedure of unpacking and moving in. It is very hot here right now - today approximately 104 F. The next several days are supposed to also be very hot.

   I am right now at work - I left a tired wife and slightly cranky kid at home to fend for themselves. It is presently 3:37 PM in Baku - 6:37 am in New Jersey. I am going to try to do a few things here at the office and then get home and finally just crash. More after I get some sleep.

   Sign me a very tired Nick


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